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Digitally Detox for a Clearer Mind

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With the days getting longer and more time to spend outdoors as we head towards the end of winter, now is the perfect time for a digital detox. While we are out and about exploring restaurants in town and trails out of town, it’s a habit to be on your phone the whole time, sharing your experience on social media. Sometimes the moment is even more special when you leave your phone in your pocket or at home, and just enjoy the moment. With all of the hype online and constant stream of information and stimulation from our phones, it’s time to give ourselves a break and let go of the phone for a day. Here are some ways you can keep yourself accountable for a tech free, digital detox weekend!


Step 1: Invest in an Old School Alarm Clock. 

Yes, we’re serious. Grabbing for your phone first thing in the morning, because it can also conveniently act as an alarm clock, has also become a way for us workaholics to check our emails, messages, and social media first thing in the morning. If you have a real alarm clock every morning, maybe you can take some time to stretch, journal, make a cup of coffee, and take in the beautiful view of the park and majestic trees right outside your window!


Step 2: No Phones at the Table. 

A simple rule that many people partake in when out to a meal with friends, but why not apply that same rule in your own home? A simple way to stay connected with your environment, really appreciate and indulge in the food in front of you, and be thankful for the people (or apartment home) around you!


Step 3: Start Small and Set Goals.

The best way to get anything done, is by setting a goal for yourself. Each day, if you start with a goal of no screen time for the first hour of your day, that could snowball into a great day of focus, determination, and goal completing. Maybe an hour is pushing it for your first digital detox, so start smaller. Allow yourself only 20 minutes of screen time each hour. Take advantage of airplane mode, and maybe create your goal to turn on airplane mode three times in one day.


Setting goals, no matter how big or small, will ultimately help you accomplish them in the long run. And who doesn’t love crossing a task off of a list? We hope these small steps help you turn this year into the best one yet, happy digital detoxing! 


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